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I'm now available for AB/DL babysitting / diaper punishment mommy sessions in Las Vegas!  I know there's a lot of people that travel here for business, weddings, reunions, conventions & just pleasure & what better way to top it off than an adult babysitting session with ME! As the owner & webmaster of Adult Baby Girl & I Need a Mommy I fully understand ABDL needs. Why pay up to 3x more for a dominatrix or escort that doesn't even know what that means?

I'm the asian girl that's appeared in all the ineedamommy videos throughout the years since I made the site in 2008.  I prefer to keep things low key & not be on camera but I'm very good at one on one interactions with littles. I mean, I instruct & direct all the scenes with all the on-screen mommies! Sessions are non rushed, includes wet diaper changes, bathtimes & even outtings. INCALL OR OUTCALL , I have Bambino diapers (Medium & Large), some toys, bottles & plastic pants, soothers & onsies, sissy dress and make up. NON SEXUAL and also NON RUSHED.

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Know your info first before you hit send!
1. What is your preferred DAY/TIME? HAVE RESPECT DO THIS CORRECTLY. Have a 2nd choice if the 1st choice is not available. (I prefer 9am-8pm)
2. How long do you want the session to last?
3. What is your age range when you are AB?
4. Any special roleplaying you want to discuss? Details?

RATES: $100/hr
(discount for all military)

Serious inquiries only! Please be respectful when you contact me & you will get the same respect back. I've had it with time wasters, people trying to get free phone sessions and the worst is people that make an appointment & then flake (disappear) with no text or email! Please be professional & courteous & you will recieve the best babysitting (or diaper punishment) ever!

ALL 1st TIMERS MUST OFFER A $20 DEPOSIT. The deposit goes to your session & is refundable if an emergency comes up.
Pay the deposit via PaYP@L, Venmo or GIFT CARD NOW (google wallet:

Pics of my Nursery in Las Vegas, NV:

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